A20 Lime2 Rev.K - using a20_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.17 -> no "script.bin"/.fex?

Started by att2, February 15, 2019, 04:48:14 PM

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I'm sorry, I have another foolish question.
On a Olimex A20 Lime2 Revision K I am trying out now the latest, recommended, distro - i.e.

At the moment, I can say it runs really neat from SD-card. However, I need an additional option, which I have only found on older software versions, but not here: I need to edit the /boot/script.bin file.
Previously, this was done with bin2fex, then editing the fex file, fex2bin script.bin, and rebooting. In my case, I had to edit the [gpio_para] section so that it read


With the new system and the newest kernel, 4.9.17-sunxi, it seems I am unable to locate any "script.bin"-file. So how do I get these little modifications into the system ?

Please let me know. (It is not in the how-to)... Thanks!


fex files etc are not a Linux feature.  You need to do it using such as DT (Device Tree).




OK what I originally wanted to archive is this:

* Switch a LED on, when writing to the port

HOWEVER, I noticed another problem: I need to use Lines PI19 as RX of a serial and connected to /dev/ttyS1, and Line PI18 as TX of the same serial, connected to /dev/ttyS1

IN THE FORMER TIMES (Kernel 3.x), I was editing the script.bin via bin2fex -> script.fex -> texteditor -> fex2bin -> reboot and everything worked.
NOW, with Kernel 4.x and U-BOOT, I don't know how to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi, I am having the exact same issue and have not been able to finad a solution on the Olimex site. Did you ever get this resolved?

Many thanks,