Troubleshooting: Blinking LCD

Started by DiTBho, July 29, 2022, 06:59:31 PM

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I assembled today my Teres1 laptop. It boots fine, just ... sometimes the LCD blinks and it's annoying.

How can I solve this?


It can be caused by a lot of things but it is usually related to the cabling. Poor connection between the cables or when a cable gets bent. If the flat ribbon LCD cable doesn't follow the recommended in the manual path, it might get bent especially if it goes around the hinges, causing cable extension when lid is open or closed. Bent flat ribbon cables might cause such LCD problem. Make sure that hinges don't interfere with LCD cables.

If the covers are not placed you can also test what happens if you touch the cable - whether the blinking can be "forced" by manipulating the cabling.
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