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I am new and proposal

Started by DisruptiveNL, February 23, 2022, 03:55:10 PM

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I am new to this Forum, and I am sorry if I am asking this in the wrong thread. Please report it 2 me.

I would like to design some hardware which can run a Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS distro and where I can use OpenCV on with USB3.0 and Ethernet. And nice 2 have is a Desktop environment (so HDMI).

Concern is the hardware availability in parts also.... RaspberryPI could and seems an alternative.


You might like the RockPi4 It's somewhat open in that I think they do schematics. Nothing like as open as Olimex though.

I'd really like to see a high-performance Olimex board too. The BPI-M2s looks almost perfect for my needs. Except it's not open and lacks USB3.

Is there any likelihood of Olimex doing a hexa-core processor perhaps A311D with 4GB+ Ram?