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Started by EmanuelLoos, February 07, 2022, 06:13:25 PM

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Since I did no find the LibreSOC mentioned anywhere in this forum I am creating a new topic to inform you about this project that aims to make an open hardware processor chip. It will take years until it is ready if everything works as planned but it would be great if you considered using that chip in some of your products.


Building powerful SOC requires millions of $$$, this is not something you do in your garage. Companies with huge resources keep releasing buggy silicons...

I do not want to be annoying but I open this page and read:

"Does Open Hardware Really Work?

A few names come to mind:

    Raspberry Pi"

To quote Raspberry Pi as Open Source Hardware means the one who did this web page have no idea what OSHW is.

Anyway I wish these guys luck, if they manage to do something useful we will be the first to make board with their SOC.



You're right but I can remember 2 guys which successfully designed their own MCUs and then fabricated them without zillions of $$$.

1. GA–144 144–core parallel FORTH chip by Charles Moore, creator of FORTH language.
2. Parallax Propeller and Propeller2 by Chip Gracey.

Both MCUs are very special and non-mainstream at all, they have their own niche and fanbase, that's why we can observe 2 rare cases of success.

Creating general–purpose SoC or MCU is lot harder: even if you design it perfectly, it will be too expensive per unit because of low production volumes.