Need ARM-JTAG-20-20 adapter

Started by bruceable, February 01, 2022, 11:35:04 AM

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Provide a JTAG adapter similar to
but which adapts from "classic" ARM20 to a MIPI-20 cable and pin-out. The MIPI-20 is .05" pitch and thus half the size of the old .1" connector.  RISC-V debug defines MIPI-20 as one of its standard connectors here:, section 6.1.7 Table 6.6.  It is also defined in MIPI documentation that can be obtained from here:, Table 4 column "20-pin JTAG".


June 7, 2022
I would like to re-iterate that this ARM-20 to MIPI-20 adapter is needed soon.  New RISC-V based boards are coming soon with the RISC-V standard MIPI-20 connector and will require this adapter to use the Olimex probe.

--- Bruce