Kernel fix for "Dirty pipe" vulnerability (CVE-2022-0847)

Started by mossroy, March 10, 2022, 02:09:04 PM

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You probably heard of
It looks like a critical vulnerability in some linux kernel versions.

Debian Bullseye is affected (and released a fix:
The problem appeared in kernel 5.8 so it's very probable that the kernel 5.10.x provided by Olimex is affected too.

The fix looks very simple:

But I suppose it will need from Olimex to create a new branch in, catch up with the upstream changes (the repo has no commit since August 2021), compile and release a new kernel package in their repo (and probably new images?).

The sooner, the better!


For information, I've created a PR for that. Someone from Olimex answered that a newer kernel is to be released "soon(ish)":


A kernel 5.10.105 has been released by Olimex, that seems to fix this vulnerability.

Unfortunately, I have unstable boards since I upgraded to this version. See