Using A64-Olinuxino as ACM gadget

Started by bzettler, January 27, 2022, 01:09:43 AM

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Hi -

I'm new to this forum (and to Linux kernel fiddling in general) so please bear with me.

I'm trying to being my A64-Olinuxino up as an ACM device. In one sense, it looks like it ought to be up and running with a vanilla config. I can see usb_f_acm in lsmod, and I have a /dev/ttyGS0.

BUT, nothing shows up on the host computer (I'm expecting /dev/ttyACM0).

What I'm linking it *might* be is that in the syslog I see:

usb0-vbus: disabling

Seems to be that usb_f_acm is all wired up via software, but the port itself was turned off during the boot process. I have what I believe is a perfectly good 5V/2A power supply attached, so power shouldn't be a problem.

I'm running the 5.10.60-olimex kernel.

How do I turn on usb0's power? Am I using a bad kernel?

I appreciate any help.