Olinuxino 4.3" 480x272 RTS Panel support

Started by afancher, January 31, 2021, 04:36:04 AM

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I'm having some display difficulties with the current release (A64-OLinuXino-buster-base-20210127-100834.img)

I have been playing around with both the "olinuxino monitor set" command in the U-Boot command prompt, as well as the "olinuxino-display" command with the system booted.

I am using the 480x272 LCD with the resistive touch panel.

The only combination of settings I am able to get partially working is with "automatic detection" selected in olinuxino-display, which by default disables the touch panel.  If I try to specify the 4.3" display  with/without TS the screen goes completely black when X starts.  However, if the touch screen is specified, the touch panel control continues to work.

Any suggestions?



What was the behavior with the previous releases?
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex



The touch panel was last fully functional in the November 5th release (A64-OLinuXino-buster-base-20201105-143953.img)

The issue appeared starting with the December 12th release (A64-OLinuXino-buster-base-20201217-194545.img)

The screen goes blank as soon as the boot process gets to "Started LCD-OLinuXino RTP calibration."


I should add that I'm not 100% sure the LCD itself is shutting off.  The backlight is what goes dark, so I can't verify if the display is still operational. 

It does still show up in display settings with the appropriate resolution and refresh rate.


Thanks for the feedback, I've relayed the feedback about the 4.3" display and the A64 board to the Linux developers, they are looking into it.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Just seeing that a DTS overlay was updated yesterday to revert setting the enable pin on the 4.3" touch panel and that a new release came out today.

Will confirm if working as soon as I get my hardware back :)


4.3" Touch Screen is confirmed working.  Nice job guys!


Touch panel support seems to be broken in latest image release.

Tried olinuxino monitor set in u-boot settings for both LCD-OLinuXino-4.3TS and LCD-OLinuXino-4.3TS with no success.

I'm getting
[  OK  ] Started LCD-OLinuXino RTP calibrabion.
during bootup

Touch panel does not respond when GUI is launched.  Touchscreen calibration ends in an error stating no touch panel to calibrate. 

Confirmed that the same touch panel does work with Buster releases.

Thanks in advance.