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LPC-P1343 binary

Started by Thompson, August 30, 2021, 10:41:09 AM

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I have bought a lpc-p1343 recently.
I dumped the firmware to see that it has a date of 2009.
I can not find its source code.
I noticed that it has the following logic.
after release reset, it will look for but1 to exec two program.
if but1 is released, the running light will thru led0 to led7.
but1 and but2 is used to change its direction.
if buf1 is pressed, it will do a self test thru UART
the usbc led will light yellow and there is notice over uart.

I wonder if olimex can provide the source code of the test bin project.


Sure you can find it in the archive here:

Maybe it will help you. Notice that the test doesn't make a lot of sense for customers for a number of reason the main of which is that we use extra hardware to test each pin of the board. Some of the extra hardware is custom-made headers (at least 4 custom made headers). Without the extra hardware the test demo would fail. Furthermore in these demos we usually use older tools that were contemporary when the boards were released but are nowdays harder to find. In this specific demo we use IAR EW for ARM 5.41.
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