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ESP32 + ModIO

Started by Andrej_87, May 07, 2021, 06:23:33 PM

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I am pretty new to the world of microcontrollers, because I work with PLC, but I also start to learn working with arduino.

So my project is I have ESP32 connected to ModIO plate and I communicate with plate threw I2c. I get the example, and communication works ok.

So my problem is when I startup the power to the ModIO I have all the time all inputs on 1. And I need to push reset button, to get the plate working... Also same situation when I upload program on the ESP32.
So my question is how can I make software reset threw I2C, or there need to be fixed source code on ModIO.

Second question is my hole project will have 4 plates, how can I change them addresses, that they are all connected to one ESP32.

I know that are very basic question, but if you do not know what will be situation of input, when you restart machine, you can not do a good program.

Please help
and thank you