I2S microphone connection pins ESP32-DevKit-Lipo

Started by iarakis, April 06, 2021, 05:14:11 PM

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I have a ESP32-DevKit-Lipo  and need to communicate with ICS43434 microphone through i2s.

My i2s pin setup does not seam to be correct.

        .bck_io_num = 26,  // IIS_SCLK
        .ws_io_num = 32,   // IIS_LCLK
        .data_out_num = -1,// IIS_DSIN
        .data_in_num = 33  // IIS_DOUT

Can someone point the correct pin setup for i2s?

I am using the code here   https://blog.squix.org/2019/08/esp32-esp-eye-browser-based-spectrum-analyzer.html


You can use free pin (as long as it is free, and as long as you don't try to use input-only GPI pins for output). On first look the pins you use look fine. Maybe double check your hardware connections.
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Do not leave pin 2 (LR) on  ICS43434 float. Connect to ground and read data from left channel of i2s driver.