BSL ROCKET do'nt send any TST or RST signal

Started by MESUREL, February 05, 2021, 07:32:56 PM

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I recently bought a BSL rocket to replace my old RS232 hardware on purpose to continue programming MSP430F2121

The rocket is well recognised on the right com port

but the only message is :

mass erase
ERROR : synchronization failed

the invocation is BSLDEMO2.EXE -w -m2 -cCOM3 file.txt

where file.txt is the same already used and in TITXT format.

To debug this  situation i pluged to oscilloscope tips on TST and RST pins and they stay ever at logical 1 (3.3V) .
the only time they go to ground is when i push the reset button, but they go immediately up.

What is the purpose of the the green LED ?

I tried to shorten the command by forgeting the file.txt and the result is same !!!

please help me