Problems with MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 and Olimex MSP430 Programmer

Started by SLa, March 19, 2013, 04:41:11 PM

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I have just got a new MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 device.
On other items in this forum I see that it should be possibel to control it by the Olimex MSP430 Programmer.
But how to do that?

I´ve installed the newest driver and programmer software.
When I connect a MSP430-JTAG-ISO (old device) everything works well !!!!
When I connect the ...-MK2 (new device) in mass storage mode the device ist recognized.
But in debug mode the programmer software always say "Cannot connect to programmer".

When I look to the Windows device manager the old device is listed as a "real" USB connection.
But the ...-MK2 (new device) is only listed as a mapped COM port.
And the MSP430 Programmer cannot select a COM port. Is that the reason?

My OS is WIN7 32-bit.

Thanks for helping


Hey SLa,

Both ISO and ISO-MK2 work with Olimex MSP430 Programmer software. The catch is that you need to change the Olimex.dll each time you swap devices as explained in the driver's archive. MSP430-JTAG-ISO may use olimex.dll up to version (though is the last I recommend due to the lack of stand-alone mode in and the crash bug in the CCS v5.x); while the MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 uses olimex.dll

If you want to use ISO-MK2 with Olimex MSP430 Programmer replace the default olimex.dll in the install folder with the one found in folder "IDE_dlls" in this package:

The operating system and what you see in device manager is OK.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


I have the same issue, using windows 10, getting "cannot connect to programmer" error, using Olimex MSP Programmer. The driver is installed and I have replaced the olimex.dll file with the one from folder. Is there any other thing I could try?

Thank you,