ESP32 POE - how many uarts available?

Started by bbulkow, December 27, 2020, 04:35:18 AM

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I have an environment which needs all the UARTs it can get. Obviously I'm using ethernet so I don't want to disable that, but I can probably disable other functionality, maybe even the USB port and do my programming OTA after initial debugging.

Can I use all three UARTs? Or just UART1 and UART2? ( I saw the notes about reassigning the pins, "that's fine". )

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One UART is used for programming via the USB, but if you are using OTA then no problem to use all three UARTs for other purposes. Just make sure OTA is working properly before disabling the USB UART to save trouble.
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Thanks! That makes it mostly like the other dev boards I've used, so easy to plan for.