Using and powering EMG shield with Raspberry Pi

Started by gypsyking, September 19, 2020, 04:58:23 PM

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Hello everyone

I have a great time playing with the EMG board, but since I need more computing power, I wanted to use it with Raspberry Pi instead of Uno.
So my question is: how should I power the EMG board from Raspberry 5V output? Should I use the 5V pin or the VIN pin?
I have read that (in case of Uno) powering through 5V pin may damage the board if the voltage is not stable and on the other hand, puting 5V into VIN pin will not be sufficient, since VIN needs 7-12V. Does it transpose to the EMG shield?


By default SHIELD-EKG-EMG is powered by 3.3V DC that got applied on the 3V3 pin of the POWER connector, from the Arduino shield connectors. Refer to the top right side of the schematic here:

There is an option to change the input voltage to 5V but you need to change the position of the PTH jumper called 3.3V/5V. The default position is 3.3V, change it to 5V if you wish to power the shield with 5V DC.

Ensure that you are applying power to the proper pin! 3.3V DC input and 5V DC input pins are different. Again refer to the schematic.
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Indeed, schematic clears it. So I can use 3V3 or 5V, with the right jumper position.
Thank you for the reply, Sir!