September 26, 2022, 05:35:06 am

jtag debug on OS X Catalina

Started by gsmith246, September 09, 2020, 06:03:33 pm

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Has anyone got the openOCD to work with Olimex-ARM-USB-OCD-H on OSX 10.15?

If so what drivers and where can I get them.

I can only find fixes for older OS's



Unfortunately, we don't provide support for Mac OS for any of our products. We have no experience with any Apple product and we neither have a Mac OS computer or device around to test anything empirically. I still have few ideas:

- I believe there was some system integrity protection introduced in recent Mac OS releases that blocks driver installation (similar to Windows Driver Signature Enforcement). Customers reported that disabling it might allow the drivers to work. See here:

- Since the chip inside ARM-USB-OCD-H is made by FTDI maybe this installation guide would help still any official FTDI drivers should be edited for the VID and PID of the ARM-USB-OCD-H:

- I'd recommend searching online for other similar issues of FTDI chip and recent Mac OS releases.

- I'd recommend contacting either FTDI or Apple or posting in their forums. But maybe the community would know more. Maybe some forum user had already gotten it working and might give better advice.
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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunaaty this user guide is form 2007.


So long as Apple haven't broken their end (as they have done multiple times with Bluetooth) it will still work.

Good luck reporting it to Apple!