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Arduinio + MOD-LED8x8

Started by jimutraa, January 31, 2013, 10:38:33 AM

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I recently came into possession of a MOD-LED8x8 unit, although its a Launchpad booster product, I've been on the look out for good quality reasonably priced LED matrix for 'Duino projects so purchased some samples in ebay.
Whilst I see the sample code for Launchpad and schematic, I have some question about how and if it can be adapted for other MCU boards. For instance Arduino - Does anyone have any example used with Arduino code?
Can get it to light up and display pattern with typical LED matrix examples, but not yet accurately.
I see that its using three x  74xx595 shift register, for a 24 pin LED matrix (which also unusual for a red 8x8 - usually 16 pin?) but not sure the layout of the LED matrix also - which would help.
Please anyone can help or suggest example?  Think it would be a good addition to 'Duino community projects.
Would make a tutorial about it, if I can get it confirmed.
To Olimex designers, thanks again for a great product hope you can understand the idea to use more widely.  :)

best regards,  Jim