UEXT breakout for I2C modules

Started by ssube, February 10, 2020, 06:32:01 pm

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I've been building out a sensor network (environmental, weather, etc) using the ESP32-POE boards, I2C sensors, and feeding data into Prometheus. Very happy with the board, the POE and UEXT connectors make it easy for me to assemble sensor modules ahead of time and deploy them with two cables (CAT6 and ribbon).

However, I couldn't find an existing board to break out the 10-pin connector into multiple 4-pin headers for the I2C devices, like the https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Interface/UEXTx5/open-source-hardware .  I designed a small board for molex-footprint connectors (https://aisler.net/p/WJFFYSLM), before remembering that Grove/Gravity/Qwiic shared a pinout (mine does not quite match). Having a header for the remaining SPI pins would also be nice, which I plan to refactor my design to include.

Does such a thing exist anywhere, or are there plans to make additional breakout boards for UEXT? Being able to easily attach I2C modules to the ESP32 would be awesome.


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Those UEXTx5 boards are great, I have a few which I have been using for development. For "production" and devices that need more than 4 sensor modules, having the necessary pins for I2C or SPI broken out into dupont or JST headers would also be handy. This is what I have been doing today: