A13-WIFI + android + LCDTS

Started by idorel77, January 24, 2013, 02:13:45 PM

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i have a problem with wifi on A13 runnind android. The wifi is not stable, efter 5 sec is down and efter that in 5 sec starting again and so.... i can't use.
What can i do?


I have the exact same problem, any advice?


Do you have the console output from booting to show us? 5 seconds sounds more like it might be connecting, but that the dhcp request for an IP is being rejected. This would be the case if your router/AP was using some form of firewall block (i.e. allowing only certain MAC addresses, or something like that).
Better to show us the output that's printed when it disconnects and then reconnects.
Do you have other WiFi devices that work with your router/AP?