Nothing Happen on A13-Olinuxino

Started by diacone75, February 06, 2013, 12:43:30 AM

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Hi everybody,

i just receive my package with all stuff to work with A13-Olinux + Lcd screen and power supply cable.

Then when i connect board with electric cable + scree, i just get a red Led working on and nothing happen.
I press on pwr_but and reset but nothing start.

Could someone help me ? Thanks.


Have you hooked up the serial port so you can see the logged data? It is going to be difficult for anyone to help you without seeing what is happening in the boot log.

Secondly, have you hooked up a VGA monitor? The default Android image only supports VGA, you need to flash an alternate image to use the LCD. See the wiki here, under "Using an Operating System NAND Flash":


No VGA signal in my new board too :-[
In A13_config_600x800.fex_ok configuation is for LCD?
VGA changes?



Yes, defaultd is VGA but my LCD is ON (displaced screen) with sun5i_android_a13-evb800x600_VGA_EN_SD.img instaled via LiveSuit.
Whith sun5i_android_a13-evb_800x480_LCD_EN_SD.img LCD is OK.

UART is ok too.


See ehj666 reply again.  Note part about boot log.


Have you plugged in a sd card in the board with the operative system? Note that without it the board will behave just like a brick.


Yes, Linux on SD and android on NAND, the board only works with LCD, no VGA.
I'll try another monitor.

Working, in other monitor.