Serarch ESP32 EVB Wired Ethernet Web Server Example

Started by fendtiii, October 19, 2019, 11:53:56 AM

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I'am searching for an example web server project for the ESP 32 EVB Olimex board.
There are a lot of examples of web Servers connected via WiFi. But unfortunately no examples with wired Ethernet.



Hi Stefan

We have just unboxed the Olimex ESP32 PoE and are suffering the same issues.

There are PLENTY of samples but we cannot find a specific example of "Wired Ethernet" for the LAN8710A in RMII/MDIO mode as implemented on the board.

At this stage I'd be happy to just send and receive a simple text packet on UDP.


These also works:

I also recommend you to check on this text file:

Edit: fixed dead links
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Would be great if you could provide a specific example. ie Code

THe link provided is now 404.

The other examples are NOT servers


We made the example into one suitable for older ESP-IDF and one for newer ESP-IDF hence the link is dead. You can find both examples here:

I've also edited the post above with the new link.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex