MSP430 5419 HELP!!! Tiny2

Started by Mav_2014, September 19, 2018, 06:07:55 PM

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Hi everyone

I'm having problems with the above, it will read the device no problem but when I try to erase it or program it the olimex software keeps saying "check calibration" . I'm running the firmware,  can anyone help?

Many thanks all



I have few ideas and suggestions in the blind:

1. Did you enable "calibration area" in the programmer software? Try to de-select "calibration area" from the tick box and test again.

2. Are you sure that you are using MSP430F5419 and not MSP430F5419A - you might need to add a custom entry in the drop down menu of the Olimex programmer for the 5419A version.

3. You can also check what happens if you try older firmware - has support for MSP4305419 too - download this and place the files in the main folder of the Olimex programmer software. Restart the software and when you attempt to perform read/write you would be asked whether to update the software - agree to do so. If you wish to switch to firmware you can do it same way (using the newer dll file).

4. If possible test with another software tool like IAR for MSP or CCS or other programmer software.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex