File system space plus logging questions

Started by Pheldda, January 01, 2018, 01:41:35 PM

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Trying to select one of the lime2 variants to buy but not sure which is best for me (a simple samba file server with a few extra small utilities installed).
Does anyone know
1) How much free flash disk space is there on the 4GB variants after installation of debian image?
2) Is it possible to turn off most of logging (e.g. syslog or kernel log) in order to limit the number of writes to the flash disk? Or perhaps log to mapped ram instead?



1. Armbian server is around 1G, so around 3G free. 4G cards are usually extremely slow. Pick one of those instead:
2. Armbian is using devtmpfs aka memory for logging. There are also other optimisations to save your SD card's life. With Ubuntu version, you can use overlayroot, which makes your fs virtual read-only which means zero writing.

Everything is already done:
linux for ARM development boards