A20 Lime2 hdd power

Started by cnerone, January 03, 2018, 07:46:06 PM

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I'm going to buy a Lime2 and I want to use it connected to a 1TB hdd. I know (and I didn't know before) a 1TB hdd drains 5W while starting up (i.e. hgst travelstar z5k1)

I know olimex power supplies are rated 5v/1a (so 5W), so no power available for A20... all power drained by hdd!

I read an old post saying olimex sata connectors supply up to 1,2A (from where??)

can I have a reliable 1TB NAS Lime2 powered not renouncing to hdd (no ssd) and disk standby/sleep features?
how to do it?


The HDD that we sell has similar wattage requirement, so yours would probably work fine also. Everything depends on whether you are also powering something else via the board (a big LCD display for example can also draw 5W or more).

Of course, it also a solid option to power the hard disk from another source (for example if you have a very solid 5V power supply you can split it; or you can use two weaker separate 5V supplies - so you can power separately the board and the HDD, this way the power would not go trough the board).

If you decide to power the hard disk via the board consider getting https://www.olimex.com/Products/Components/Cables/SATA-CABLE-SET/ and you would also need to purchase power supply adapter from elsewhere, capable of providing at least 10W (5V x 2A).

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