A64 new board voltage

Started by VI, December 23, 2017, 05:23:13 AM

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Dear friends,

I make a new board base on Olimex-A64 board and currently received.
I powered the board with Olimex image.
There is some differences in voltage between Olimex and my board!

VCC-3.3v is 3.0v in my board!
DDR3-1.5v is 1.375v in my board! ( I exatly connect DC5Set to VINT).
VCC-3.0v RTC is 3.8v!!! in my board!

How can I fix them?

Parts used are extacly same as Olimex board!!
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Where exactly are you placing the electrodes when you measure?

How do you power this board? Are you using a stable 5V power supply adapter applied to the power jack? Do you have something extra connected to the board?
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