Olimexino STM32 Keil MDK example project

Started by pvh, December 29, 2012, 05:18:45 PM

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is there a Keil MDK example project available for the Olimexino STM32?
I'm trying to build an very simple program by to trigger LED2 by pressing the user button (BUT).
I did some testing with some STM32 samples included in the Keil installation directory, but wihtout any success.



Hello pvh

The Microcontroller which is on Olimexino STM32 is the STM32F103RBT6.
There is a Keil Demo Board http://www.keil.com/mcbstm32/ which have the same Microcontroller (STM32F103RB).
So you could use a Demoproject for these Board.
If you installed the actual Keil MDK-ARM you could use
for example this:

These Projects doesn't work out of the box, you have to change GPIOs to Olimexion STM32 Board.

On Schematic of STM32 Olimexino you can see that LED2 is on PIN D3, so you have to config. the PIN D3 as Output.

The On board Button which you mean (BUT) is connected with PIN BOOT0 which you couldn't use as an GPIO!, so you should add a Button on an external PIN.

So I think if you don't use Arduino, there are also other Olimex STM32 Boards which are maybe better/easier to program with C Code and Keil or any other IDE
You could find them under https://www.olimex.com/Products/ARM/ST/