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dimensions of Olimex stm32-h405 board

Started by andrewg, April 13, 2017, 02:42:40 PM

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what's the units used for the STM32-H405 board dimensions on the diagram?

the board dimensions diagram, it does not seem to be mm
as for example on the vertical using the j-tag connector as a guide there are 10 pins
if mm used used as the units, that would be only 25.4 mm for the pins, adding perhaps another 2 pins spacing for the top and bottom voids, that would add perhaps another 10 mm
total vertical dimension is only 35mm estimated
however it is given as 1350mil on the diagram, this does not seem to match the dimensions of the board

the usb connector on the dimensions diagram also do not seem to match the photos on the product web

do update with a diagram with appropriate dimensions e.g. in mm as this seem to fit the needs of 'small' boards with a STM32 F405 processor



Yes. Mil is imperial: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thousandth_of_an_inch

Some component packages have dimensions only in imperial units. So we have to use imperial units. And while we can give approximation in other units it will not be very correct to do it.

The thing gets more interesting when other components have dimensions only in metric units. Then you can find some of our boards have half of the components placed in imperial grid and the other half in metric grid.

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thanks! just seen that in the manual as well, do put a units (e.g. 1/1000 inch) on the dimensions png diagram as it is not apparent looking at the png diagram