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Hyper vitaminated olimexino board

Started by jcabetas, April 23, 2017, 01:04:24 PM

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I'm using Olimexino board as a base for multiple projects; I like the power supply capabilities, CAN, SDCard, USB and LiPo charger. It is also easy to design and build proto boards that attach to the arduino connectors. I use Chibios that works wonderfully with this board.

The only weak points I see are the CPU (STM32P103) that is outdated, and the lack of eeprom (permanent storage requires flashing the CPU memory)

I would like Olimex to give a thought on updating the CPU, and if possible to add an SPI eeprom...


Suggest a list of processors that you'd like us to use.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Most easy replacements would be their equivalents with the same package, for example:

CPU            MHz  Flash   Ram     Price   Other
STM32F103RBT6   72   128k   20k      4,66   
STM32F446RET6  168   512k  128k      5,89   FPU-SP, DAC, RTC, Crypto
STM32F722RET6  216   512k  256k    7,11     FPU-SP, DAC, RTC, Crypto

I got the prices from Digikey (100 units, in €). The more obvious replacement at a low price would be STM32F446, you would get quite a lot of improvements for 1 €. I'm not familiar with the STM32F7 and I can't state the advantages over STM32F4; the pity is that 64LQFP package doesn't have the double precision FPU.