GPIO logic level?

Started by thom_nic, April 07, 2017, 09:23:45 PM

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Let's say I have a GPIO input that I want to drive high - is it 1.8v or 3.3?  Assume it is 3.3v correct, I haven't found it explicitly stated anywhere.


It'll be in the TI doc.

Or web search on something obvious like
am335x datasheet


Chester Gillon

Looking at the the AM3352 SOM Rev C schematic all six of the AM3352 VDDSHV1 to VDDSHV6 "Supply voltage range for the dual-voltage IO domain" are connected to 3.3V.

This means all GPIOs use 3.3V signaling.


Thanks Chester. 

Funny enough, I *did* have the mental capacity to google the datasheet!  I'll admit I did not read every word of it but from what I can tell, the TI datasheet actually *does not* specify an absolute voltage but a range relative to the supply cell voltage (suggesting it could be *either* 3v3 or 1.8v depending on configuration.) Unfortunately neither the Olimex user guide nor the GPIO pinout doc ( actually call out the exact value.  But by finding those signals on the SOM schematic I believe you are correct.  Thanks again!