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Duinomite to low power mode

Started by johnny, January 30, 2016, 07:44:56 PM

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You may be best with a simple and good external RTC such as DS3231.

Cheap with battery.



Hello and good evening,
would also work with V4.5 or do I need a software modification?

best regards Ron


A few last remarks for the moment from my side:

1. Using the last POKE command will also work with the original firmware. This will directly activate the watchdog reset and this is a hard reset and not a software reset. This means the autorun.bas is executed anyway.

2. I agree with JohnS that such an RTC is the best solution for the clock problem. The only alternative I can think of is reading the Date and Time from a second file at startup. Add the sleep time + the additional delay and set the new DATE$ and TIME$ with the new values for the logfile and the Date/Time file.

3. What has been forgotten in the SLEEP command is switching off all circuits which dissipate quite a lot of power like the analog circuit, the comparators, the interrupts, the communication circuits, etc. before the CPU is going to sleep. This can also cause the instable functionality. On the other hand I believe a stable power supply is also very important.

4. Concerning the 4.5V of RonnS. I presume this would be supplied to the USB power connection pins. I can imagine that it will work. Anyway there are no software modifications needed for that.