pic32prog AND DM-BASIC = trouble.

Started by GhstWlf, December 30, 2015, 03:40:48 AM

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I tried to flash DM-BASIC back onto my Duinomite-Mega using pic32prog on ubuntu 14.04 but I get a error.
DEVCFG values are missing -- check your HEX file!
I used the hex file "DuinoMite-Mega-Mini_ONLY_DMBasic.hex" from github and the latest pic32prog, also from github.

I wish to use the bootloader as I did when I installed RetroBSD.


Either pic32prog requires DEVCFG values (weird) or it's figured out the existing ones would not work with the hex (they might not work but I don't see that pic32prog could tell).

Use a different programmer!

(Or, find a basic hex that also has devcfg values (e.g. read out what's there now, or merge the hex with the normal bootloader hex).)



hallo ,

try the newest files  (Version 4.5)from Geoff Grahams  site for Duinomite (they are alredy archived)
the files on gifthub did not work with me too,except version 2.6