Debugger XDS100V3 Unable to detects CC2640

Started by sevender, May 27, 2016, 04:17:01 PM

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I Purchaesd the debugger from olimex for my project, which is stopped for the production due to CC2640 MCU+BLE is not able to detected.

while trying to flash CC2640 target board using a XDS110 v3 rec C Debugger using SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 (v1.7.2) , but in the connected pair columm UNKNOW is coming .then we tried with "CC26xx/CC13xx Forced mass erase"  but FAILED operation is coming.

In debugger , 20 pin ARM connector is being used by placing 20 to 10 pin conveter and  then 10 to 6 pin converter as target board has 6 pin of nails to flash.

I tried the same setup to flash the CC2640 with 20 pin of  Smart RF evaluaton board 06 , It works. From this it could be concluded that some issue is from debugger board side .

Kindly suggest the following points :

share the schematic of XDS110 v3 rec C .

suggest how to flash board with debugger.??

At the Pin 1 of debugger 1.6 V is coming , which should be 3,3 as Vref as mentioned in datasheet .

PLZ reply soon

Reference links ?               (10 to 6 pin converter cable)             (10  to 6 pin conveter)

Thanks in advance



Are you using the proper connector? I used the ARM_JTAG connector and had the ARM_JTAG_E jumper closed. J4 and J5 jumpers were open.

Did you modify device_info.xml as suggested in the FAQ section at the bottom of the product page: ?

I've personally tested CC2650 and XDS100-V3 and they work fine.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex