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Hi, I have update my eagle ULP, for conversion from eagle to KiCad
and converting Eagle lbr to KiCad mod/libs
I have included a number of examples, of the conversion.
  from the OLIMEX site  they are:

I can add more example's from OLIMEX if there is interest.
Or if you don't have eagle.

  Converts Eagle SCH/PCB to KiCad
  Github: https://github.com/lachlanA/eagle-to-kicad

  Converts Eagle LBR to KiCad lib/mod.
  Github: https://github.com/lachlanA/eagle-to-kicad-libs

And the 2 examples of converted OLIMEX design's: https://github.com/lachlanA/eagle-to-kicad/tree/master/examples/OLINUXINO



thank's for your example. I'm interesting in Olinuxino nano or micro product. Have you the Kicad files for those projects ?
I would like to modify the Olinuxino nano/micro boards to adapt my electronic specific fonctionnality.
Thank's in advance.

Hi Pierre,

I will convert any open/source design, and put up in the example's directory on GitHub, sorry for the slow replies, as I'm tying a workaround for the via problem, in KiCad,   with luck I will have a test version today,
and then can put the converted Nano and Micro boards today or tomorrow.


Hi Lachlan,

It's a really good idea, I started to write a kicad PCB viewer for fun and some tasks that kicad doesn't do. I tried it with your generated files the interesting thing is that it doesn't works as expected while I can open all kicad examples and kicad open your files without problem. I didn't have time to investigate more in detail this issue. BTW if your are interested my code is there:
To build it it's better on linux and you need flex/bison devel packages and Qt5 devel packages.

Best regards,

My exporter builds old KiCad file formats.

When you first open my converted files in KiCad it warns you there are the old version
and will be converted to the new format.  If I remember correctly  :o ??? ::)

So that may be your problem.

I can have a look at your viewer,  but I'm still working on the via problem.
So wont be for a few days.



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