Connections in MOD-PUSLSE w/ MSP430FG439, MOD-USB-RS232

Started by preacherperkins, June 09, 2015, 07:38:23 PM

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Dear Olimex Community,

I have recently purchased the following items:

1) Olimex MSP430FG439 (
2) Olimex MOD-USB-RS232 (

Full setup:

Note: I also have a 3V battery connected to the port on the bottom of the MSP430.

I have been unable to use the setup and this has caused me some frustration. Specifically, the brightness on the LCD (for both the BAT and UEXT settings) is extremely low. In fact, the LCD tends to fade sharply and I am unable to view the numbers. I would be very appreciative if somebody could answer several questions of mine so that I can begin using the device for my research. I have searched very thoroughly through the user manual and have been unable to find any supporting documentation to guide my concerns.

[1] What must I do, if I intend to use this device with a Linux setup? According to a different thread, an Olimex member stated something about soldering the 4_TX and 3_RX pins. Is this true? And if so, to what exact location must these ports be soldered? Although this member intended to use his setup with a PC instead of Linux, I do believe our concerns might coincide. 
(Previous thread:

[2] Is it normal that the brightness on the MSP430's LCD is extremely low? The brightness is always fading sharply, sometimes to the point where there is just no power to the device. Is it a power problem? In fact, right now the device doesn't even seem to be powering on. Perhaps this goes back to the soldering issue in question [1]?

[3] What do the following symbols on the MSP430 LCD mean?
          - The arrow cross
          - The number in the top right (smaller font) SPO2 or pulse?
          - The number in the bottom left (larger font) SPO2 or pulse?

[4] What does the blinking red LED on the MOD-USB-RS232 signify?

[5] What do LEDs 1 and 2 on the MSP 430 mean? What do switches (SWs) 1 and 2 do?