Help on connecting/programming MSP430F147 with BLS-Rocket via UART

Started by Devis, June 05, 2015, 12:00:30 PM

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I just bought a BSL-Rocket to program MSP430F147 and other uC. I made next connections between uC and programmer:

MSP430-BSL connector pins      MSP430F147IRTDT pins

#1 (TX/SDA/SOMI)      ->   #22 (P2.2(CAOUT/TA0))
#2 (TCK)         ->   #57 (TCK)
#3 (RX/SIMO)         ->   #13 (P1.1(TA0))
#4 (RST)         ->   #11 (NMI/RST)
#5 (GND)         ->   GND

I power up board and then launch the command line:

"X:\TI\BSL_Files\Deprecated\BSLDEMO\EXE\BSLDEMO2.exe" -cCOM9 +epv FILENAME.txt

(where COM9 is BSL-rocket port)

At tis point, BSLDEMO2 continue to give me the error:

MSP430 Bootstrap Loader Communication Program (Version 2.01)
Mass Erase...
ERROR: Synchronization failed!
Device with boot loader connected?

Could anyone help me please ?
Thanks in advance and have a nice day

Greetings, Devis