Arduino sketch for ESP8266 WiFi Relais from Olimex

Started by Helmut, April 19, 2015, 01:22:51 AM

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Now the ESP8266 WiFi SoC can programmed with arduino sketch.

Does anyone have a sketch application for these relays?

Best regards, Helmut


the sketch is in any Arduino IDE and is named Blinking LED just change pin number from 13 to 5 as seen on blog post :) as relay is connected to pin 5



Good question!

I find links:

Also Olimex example:

And I'm try use it for ESP8266-EVB, but

1. No possible connect MOD-MPU6050 and USB-Serial-Cable-F at the same time (So I'm try use to look at measurement readings on Android).
2. Or need
3. const int MPU=0x68;  // I2C address of the MPU6050
4. Set up the interrupt pin, its set as active high, push-pull
#define initPin 4 
pinMode(intPin, INPUT);  digitalWrite(intPin, LOW);
5. Set up LED_PIN
#define LED_PIN 5
6. Set up GPIO2/SDA, GPIO4/SCL - but I'm don't know where?

but in ~/.arduino15/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/1.6.4-673-g8cd3697/libraries/Wire

possible use Wire.begin(SDA,SCL), so Wire.begin(2,4) for ESP8266-EVB?

For ESP01 Wire.begin(4,5)?

It is correct?

May be some one have example for MOD-MPU6050 and ESP8266-EVB?

PS: the sketch