Best MPIDE-bootloader for Duinomite-Mini

Started by mobluse, February 07, 2015, 12:40:35 AM

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I wonder which bootloader for MPIDE works best on DuinoMite-Mini:
There is one in the zip-file at linked from "DUINOMITE-MEGA and MPIDE Library" called "MPIDE DuinoMite_Mega bootloader.hex".
There is another at called "Olimex_Duinomite.hex".

I could probably borrow a PicKit3 to program it, but there seems to be an alternative since I also have an Arduino UNO: I also have a Raspberry Pi 1 A and maybe this other project could be adapted to PIC32: , see also .
iCE40HX8K-EVB w/ iCE40-IO, DuinoMite-Mini, DuinoMite w/ DuinoMite-IO, Olimexino-32U4


I used the one from the Olimex site (is it not the same as the Chipkit one?) and this works perfect. Bought also the PIC-KIT-3 and PIC-ICSP (don't forget, because you need the ICSP2 connector) for EUR. 33,-- together. Also this works perfect. I can choose either the original or the MPIDE bootloader. Reprogramming is done in seconds. Also flashing a special project is no problem. Anyway I think you should use the bootloader software from the hardware vendor (Olimex), it belongs to the hardware.

This brings me to the point of support of Olimex: If you specify your hardware to be available with either DMBasic or MPIDE, then you have two possibilities:

1. You deliver it with one bootloader, with which you can either flash DMBasic or MPIDE (problematic probably).
2. You deliver two versions of the hardware

One other question: I use the Duinomite MEGA, eMEGA and PIC-T795H. They have all support for both
environments, but I don't see MPIDE support for Duinomite and Duinomite Mini. Why not?