MSDON great or disk destructor?

Started by KeesZagers, December 24, 2014, 10:13:02 AM

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I like the MSDON command. My Duinomite is logging data for hours. Now I connect my PC; stop the logging; type in the MSDON command and I have the logfiles directly available in my PC. Great so far.
My PC can also edit a file on the remote disk; no problem so far.
Now I wanted to copy a complete system to another. Uploaded all files to a directory on my PC; Selected all files and copied them to another Duinomite; stopped the MSDON and FILES listed all files correctly with the right sizes. However if I want to run a file, it seems to be empty. I believe that the FAT32 table is not edited correctly if you copy multiple files. I wonder if this is a known problem?


It's a host PC problem.  It hasn't flushed the data (on Linux, use sync or eject - no idea on Windows ).



Thanks for the answer John. I doubt if it is really a flushing problem. I did some new tests with another SD card and this one had no problems. Ending MSDON closes the PC connection to the external drive and the flushing is done automatically.
I believe the file system once crashed on the other SD card and I did a new FAT32 format on the PC (no boot ofcourse). Maybe that is what we should not do.