Problem with the source code provided on the MOD-PULSE board

Started by siel347, February 06, 2015, 12:36:23 AM

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Greetings from colombia,

Recently I bought a MOD-PULSE, I connected it to a probe and worked fine, the %SPo2 and the pulse rate were displayed on the screen correctly... but

today I downloaded the source code from the Olimex's webpage and the IEW from here: I imported the project and configured the MSP USB FET, Finally I programmed the board, but when it finished the board LCD didn't show anything, but the probe seemed to work.

I entered in debbug mode and found that the code stops working 3 lines after the while(1).

In this momment I don't know what to do, any suggest or fix??

P.D: My problem is exactly the same as this one: