Is A20 Olinuxino Lime stable enough with Linux? And how about SPI?

Started by midix, January 30, 2015, 05:58:27 pm

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I will need Linux kernel with SPI support for communication with APA102 LED strips. Also I want to attach a second USB-Ethernet adapter and use bridge-utils to create internal switch between built-in ethernet and the other ethernet port.

I don't have much Linux experience, I'm mostly windows programmer, but I could follow some tutorials to make my prototype working.

Is Linux support for the A20 model reliable enough for production use? Or should I better pick one of earlier Olinuxino models?



Yes Linux is stable for A20. Now it's Debian stable version, also kernel is stable, but It's also a little bit old.

SPI I use in my project and it's working without any problems the same as I2C.