Looking for a Debian SD card image which supports I2C

Started by PhilSalkie, November 28, 2014, 11:49:17 PM

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I'm trying to use I2C under Debian on the Maxi.  The image which is linked from the Olimex site has a 3.11 kernel, but no I2C devices show up in /dev.  I'd rather not duplicate the effort of building a kernel and getting all the patches and options correct if Olimex or some user has a bootstream with a working kernel, or a full SD card image which I can use.  (And no, Arch is not an option for serious embedded systems. The great thing about Debian is that packages for older versions are permanently archived, and you can just install or update a particular package.  Under Arch, you have to update the entire system which may break something you're relying on - like the existance of /bin.  Try installing GCC on the Maxi's Arch image to see what I mean...)


Phil Salkie


I Phil

Exactly the same issue, the same thought.

Does someone have the image with I2C support? 



I'm using the imx233 boards with i2c - but with OpenWRT instead of debian.

I guess you could use an OpenWRT kernel with a debian system or even use an OpenWRT rootfs but install debian in a chroot.