French keyboard on Duinomite eMega

Started by yoyosan, November 22, 2012, 03:27:55 AM

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Hi everyone,

How i can have a french keyboard and the vga support on my new eMega board. For information the version of DMBasic on my board is the latest available of the olimex's sources (github) and with it i've the vga support but US keyboard support. If i flash my card with the latest version of MM Basic (4.0B), i lost the vga connection but i've the french keyboard support.

Thank for your response,
Best regards,


Hello from France,

I just bought a emega, and I already have a maximun of problems, no ability to change the keyboard layout, the sd card is seen by the emega but impossible to open with xp by usb, it appears as removable disk but it tells me there is no disc in.
Then :
I loaded the MMbasic, and I no longer display, so I reinstalled the DMbasic after trying several versions and now, I waiting.
I think this product is not finished and was marketed too soon.
For firmware is a jungle many many websites ... and no corrections for my problems, I download most updates, it's a new card and I write the flash many times... for nothing...

I went through the net in all directions and there is not much useful to settle these little problems.
I also need a little help.

Thank you in advance.



In order to get it working as a microSD-adapter you could try editing AUTORUN.BAS and put in a line e.g.:
1000 MSDON

This works on DuinoMite-Mini.

I would also like to have support for Swedish keyboard layout (sv) in DMBASIC and MMBASIC but for now I'm using a US keyboard. I do sometimes use a Swedish keyboard and then I have a translation table that I can view using HELP in DMBASIC. It's here:
iCE40HX8K-EVB w/ iCE40-IO, DuinoMite-Mini, DuinoMite w/ DuinoMite-IO, Olimexino-32U4



I implemented the AZERTY keyboard layout by modifying the keylist in the "Keyboard.c" program and the recompiling and reloading DMBasic onto the eMega board. It works fine.

Just make sure you start from the correct source version - as the recent MMBasic versions are NOT compatible with the eMega board.

You can find the program sources on Github.