Arduino shields do not fit to STM32-E407 (rev. E)

Started by tkoskine, August 29, 2014, 05:38:49 PM

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I noticed that normal Arduino shields do not fit STM32-E407 (revision E). Is it possible to fix this to next revision?

Of course, as a workaround, I can use female headers with longer pins, but that isn't as pretty.

In addition, rev E seems to have Bx_x jumpers mislabeled. The labels should say B0_1/B0_0 and B1_1/B1_0, but instead they say B0_1/B0_1 and B1_1/B1_1.

Olimex STM32-E407 and Arduino shield by tero.koskinen


I have revision B, so it's not likely they will ever change that capacitor. I solved it with long pins for some boards, but mostly I use a short board as shield that fits:


Hey guys,

Thank you for the input. We are aware of this but we wanted to keep the varying power voltage (6-16)V. The capacitor is related to the range of the power voltage. There is no way to remove the capacitor if you are going to use 16V of voltage as input, for example. However, you might adjust that part of the schematic if you are going to use lower voltages.

We tried to keep it as far from the Arduino shield connectors as possible - this allows most shields to fit the space.

A simple option would be to use a middle (buffer, dummy) board just extending the pads above and mounting your board over it. You can stack a lot of shields over each other.

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Thank you both. I think I'll just cut some of my current shields to fit the board and use these shorter shields as middle boards.