MOD-EKG output Via RS-232 to PC

Started by Wayneroha, July 31, 2014, 06:35:43 AM

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Hi Lub / Olimex,

Please refer to the attached PDF file.

I purchased the the MOD-RS232 interface from Olimex in addition to the MOD-EKG unit from Olimex. As per the advice and indicated by the documentation published by Olimex web-site and you at earlier situations; we need to do some jumper changes/settings in order to obtain appropriate connection. Instead of doing that (I do not like to scratch/cut RX/TX lines and further soldering for crossover in the newly purchased MOD-RS232 interface) thus I've done the following. Please advice me for the following; I supplied separate power using 3 tiny cables

1. I connected the USB.
2. I powered up the MOD-EKG by supplying power 3.3V from the MOD-RS232 to the MOD-EKG; using a separate wire
3. I supplied the GND from the MOD-RS232 to the MOD-EKG; using a separate wire.
4. I supplied/connected 3rd pin which is the TXD of MOD-EKG connected to the RXD of MOD-RS232; using a separate wire.

When I connected; the oscilloscope is running but signal is not clean; please find the attached document which has the screen shot of the display.

Do I have to use further software?

Please advice me.

Thanking you,