Eclipse undefined reference error - why am I getting this error ?

Started by anotherbrick, November 11, 2012, 09:25:34 PM

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hello ,

I am trying to compile a project for STM32 with Eclipse (OLIMEX)

I got the following error

QuoteC:\OlimexODS\examples\STM32-E407_blink_FLASH_DENEME/main.c:156: undefined reference to SYSCFG_ETH_MediaInterfaceConfig'
(a function in stm32f4xx_syscfg.c)

the header file is included in main.c
Quote#include "stm32f4xx_syscfg.h"

the source file where above function(SYSCFG_ETH_MediaInterfaceConfig) is declared
Quotestm32f4xx_syscfg.c file is included in lib\src folder

why am I getting this error ?

note : I got 10 of the same error only I posted just one here - al the same error message with different functions - my OS is winXP



Is \lib\src\ added to the -I flags in the Makefile?

Best Regards,
Software developer at Olimex