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Author Topic: LIME: Issues with HDMI to HDTVs - Blank or 'Format Not Supported'  (Read 1585 times)


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Hi, so I recently got my LIME to play around with, and I've been having troubles with hooking it up to two separate HDTVs (one is a Samsung, one is an Emerson). When I connect the HDMI and give it power, the red power LED comes on and the screen on the TV stays blank for a while. Eventually (with the stock image) a message pops up (from the tv) saying "Format Not Supported".

I've tried this on two different LIME boards and two different TVs. If I try and modify any of the display settings in the script_a10_lime_HDMI.fex file (on the first partition of the sd card), the uEnv.txt file, or the boot.scr file (using uboot-tools, mkimage), the screen just does nothing, and there is no signal.

I have no idea what is going on.

To recap:

  • With two different LIME boards and two different HDTVs, I cannot get HDMI working properly
  • With the stock image, both tvs display the error message: "Format Not Supported"
  • If I change any settings in script_a10_lime_HDMI.fex, uEnv.txt, or boot.scr, the screen stays blank
  • The cards are 8GB class 10

Thanks in advance for any help.