Pinguino-OTG and MOD-RGB blues...

Started by pewpew, March 04, 2014, 06:04:01 am

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I am a newbie to the whole pinguino family, so forgive my ignorance of the obvious.  I am working with the Pinguino-OTG, MOD-RGB module and 32 bit Windows Vista.

I have been able to install my pinguino IDE and the drivers such that the blink example works.  I know the board is working.  However when I try to use the fade example found here, I can compile and load it with all the same successful indications, however it does not work... I have connected the MOD-RGB unit and the Pinguino boards with the UEXT cable; and I have a 120W 12V supply running a short LED string through the MOD-RGB unit, so I know there is enough power to run the lights.

I find it frustrating the lack of debugging tools.  I am using the pinguino x.4 IDE and all I can find is that there is no debugging tool (for this version).  Is that still accurate?  I was looking for the x.3 which had CDC debugging, but I cannot find it :( 

Besides the debugging, Is there something I might be missing?  I have tried all permutations on the jumpers of the MOD-RGB board so I hope I haven't messed it up too bad.

Any help would be appreciated!



Hey pewpew,

Did you notice that MOD-RGB has different versions of firmware?

The Pinguino example (that is found at the wiki article of MOD-RGB) works out-of-the-box only with MOD-RGB with firmware version 2. It seems very likely that you own a MOD-RGB with firmware versions 3. The demo would require modifications to be able to use it. I recommend you to check the firmware 3 documentation in the respective archive.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex