MOD-Pulse Data Output to Arduino Yun

Started by tz4396, March 03, 2014, 08:19:18 pm

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I am trying to transfer the data from the MOD-Pulse board to an Arduino Yun as part of anothe projcet that is Arduino specific.  I am struggling to get the data exchange to work.

The MOD-Pulse is showing the correct data on the LCD right out of the box (SPO2 and Pulse match fingertip device used to verify).  The question is, how do I get the data from the MOD-Pulse to the Arduino YUN.

Any help someone can provide correct port connections between the two boards and coding on the Arduino to get the data on the YUN?


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Looking at the webpage:

"Do I need additional hardware to get everything going?
Yes, you need at least a compatible probe for the PROBE connector. You might want to purchase a MOD-USB-RS232 so you can receive the data on a personal computer as well"

Which points to this:

Unfortunately, I know nothing about this board -- but hopefully this will help. It seems like you can hook up this MOD-USB to a computer to get the data; therefore, I think you might be able to grab the data pins from the USB connector and hook them into two open digital I/O pins on the Arduino board. Then the Arduino sketch would be simply reading the serial data from the I/O pins you select at the baud rate you expect.

Or perhaps use the YUN's USB host functionality, which I am unfamiliar with.

Hope this helps get you started and good luck!

YUN Serial stuff: