PWR LED blinking after GPIO testing on i.MX233?

Started by Landoro, March 30, 2015, 06:56:09 PM

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Hello everyone, I'm a student in Plovdiv, Bulgaria learning how to use the iMX233 - oLinuxino - MAXI.
I was trying to work with the GPIOs and all of a sudden the kit died and the PWR LED started blinking.
I has been so ever since I tried doing the blinking LED example from Olimex's site.

What does this mean?
Thanks in advance!


I tried switching the power supply to 9V (2.0 A), changed it from the 12V (0.5A) and the RESET BUTTON started burning and caught smoke ?!!??
Any ideas what could be happening?


Hello, I'm a student at Technical University Varna. I'm doing my project for a thesis on Electronics and need help with the LED attached to pin18 on the board. It corresponds to gpio17 in Linux. But the board crashes immediately, when I try to set the value to 0.


Where can I find the mapping tutorial between the Linux pin numbers and the iMX233 pin numbers? I can't find a pdf of the Olinuxino Maxi User Manual.


I believe Linux number = 32 * <GPIO bank number> + <GPIO pin number in the bank>

Which board exactly do you have and where exactly on the board (connector name, pin name) you try to connect the LED?
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