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LPC1227 Eclipse

Started by Krafty, January 07, 2014, 10:36:35 AM

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I bought a LPC1227 and I got difficulties in programming on it.
I downloaded and installed the OpenOCD package from here:

This package contains Java Runtime Environment, Eclipse, Zylin embedded CDT, Cygwin, Yagarto and OpenOCD. I got the version 9.0 rev K.

I wanted to use Eclipse IDE. I managed to create a new C project. I cannot build it, because I do not know what to put in the makefile. Moreover, are the basic C libraries (stdio.h, stdlib.h...) included in a C project? If not, how can I include them? (I do not think I really need them) Furthermore, how can I configure the debugger correctly?

It is the first time I use Eclipse, it would be great if someone could provide an Eclipse example project for LPC 1227 (there is only an example for IAR on It would answer my questions and would be helpful for a quick start.

Thanks in advance


Which OS and which C compiler do you want to use?

BTW, There are Eclipse etc projects all over the net so the generic steps you ask for are widely available :)



Thank you for answering 

I am on Windows 7 and for the compiler, I do not mind.

I have spent a lot of time on the internet without finding something clear, that is why I asked for a demo project (as there is one for LPC-2378 for example). Just the blinky led example is sufficient. It would simplify the beginning of my project  :)


Ay project has the same steps just play around with any Eclipse beginner's guide.

I use Linux which includes a C compiler.  I don't know what people use on Windows.



I am reading Eclipse doc


I finally managed to build my project. Now I need Linker script. Where can I find it for LPC 1227 (cortex M0) ?